Cressley Nearly Rolls Perfect Game

October 15, 2020

YOUNGSVILLE, Pa. – Cole Cressley nearly rolled both a perfect game and an 800 series during Youngsville City Bowling League action at Valley Bowling Center.

Cressley rolled 10 straight strikes to start the second game of his series. He finished the game with a 289 on his way to a 782 series.

Results from multiple leagues follow:

Valley Bowling Center

Youngsville City Bowling League: Cole Cressley 257-289-236-782, Alex Johnson 214-624, Bryan Olsen 232-612, Troy Stewart 214-606, Don Chambers 200-564

Tuesday Nite Ladies Bowling: Lynn Olsen 513, Cindy Reasbeck 460, Michelle Enos 460

Ladies Church League: Denice Hollingshead 190-469, Daleen Davidson 159-456

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