Our partners

We’ve partnered with a few other sites in order to bring you the best coverage we possibly can. We wouldn’t be here now without them and we strongly encourage you to visit them when you can. Please, continue to support local journalism.


Is a site dedicated to covering all the sports and all the teams in PIAA Districts 9 and 10. Team previews, game stories, personality profiles, it’s all there. The most in-depth and comprehensive coverage of Districts 9 and 10 around.

Spotlight PA

Spotlight PA is dedicated to producing non­partisan investigative journalism about Pennsylvania government and urgent statewide issues. We are an independent watchdog unafraid to dig deep, fight for the truth and take on the powerful to expose wrongdoing and spur meaningful reform.

Two Moms Day Drinking

Columnist Stacey Gross speaks with other moms (and sometimes dads) about parenting, struggles, joys and life with kids. Occasionally, they share an adult beverage. Note, some of the podcast language may be NSFW.

PA Football News

Football may not officially be the national pastime, but don’t tell Pennsylvanians that. PA Football News is the only site bringing you statewide high school football coverage. All the districts, all the teams, all the players, you’ll find all the football coverage you could want.

The Bayfront Boys

The Bayfront Boys is a podcast out of Erie that features Braden Hanlon, Nick Vitale, Dillon Wolbert, and Bryce Bone. They interview local and regional athletes, coaches, sportswriters, etc. bringing a unique take on sports in Northwestern Pennsylvania.