10 Warren County Grapplers Earn D10 Region 3 All-Star Honors

April 6, 2023

ERIE – Ten Warren County wrestlers were among those who earned District 10 Region 3 first- or second-team all-star honors.

Earning first-team honors were Eisenhower’s Griffin Williams (114) and Tucker Lindell (160), Warren’s Adika Fiscus (107), and Youngsville’s Ian Mancuso (127).

On the second team were Eisenhower’s Brok English (215) and Mike Vanatta (285), Warren’s Ryan Fitzsimmons (114) and Evan Swanson (172), and Youngsville’s James Johnson (121) and Logan McDonald (139).

Corry had the most all-star selections in the region with nine, including seven first-teamers. Titusville’s Brock Covell (172) was the Region Wrestler of the Year.

Region All-Star teams are voted on by region coaches.

The full teams for each region follow:

107: Angelo Lomonte, so., Reynolds
114: Waylon Waite, fr., Reynolds
121: Hudson Hohman, fr., Grove City
127: A.J. Rueberger, jr., Sharpsville
133: Chase Bell, jr., Reynolds
139: Rudy Gentile, fr., Greenville
145: Cody Hamilton, so., Grove City
152: Caullin Summers, jr., Sharpsville
160: Hunter Hohman, jr., Grove City
172: Jalen Wagner, sr., Reynolds
189: Brayden McCloskey, sr., Reynolds
215: Braiden Reich, sr., Slippery Rock
285: Mike Mazurek, sr., Sharon

107: Hudson Wolbert, fr., Grove City
114: Gavin Cannon, fr., Sharpsville
121: Ethan Springer, fr., Sharpsville
127: (tie) Will Schell, jr., Grove City and Carter Wise, jr., Mercer
133: Jon Bissell, so., Sharpsville
139: Zac Tuberville, fr., Slippery Rock
145: Tino Gentile, sr., Reynolds
152: Christian Hacker, sr., Sharon
160: Vito Gentile, so., Reynolds
172: Josh Divens, jr., Sharpsville
189: (tie) Teague Calvin, so., Greenville and Klint Shamblin, so., Slippery Rock
215: Max Hernandez, so., Sharpsville
285: Brian White, so., Sharpsville
Region 1 co-wrestlers of the year: (tie) Hunter Hohman, jr., Grove City and Mike Mazurek, sr., Sharon

107: Cole Geibel, so., Commodore Perry
114: Carter Beck, so., Saegertown
121: Leyton Zacherl, so., Commodore Perry
127: Hunter Gould, jr., Conneaut
133: Brody Beck, jr., Cambridge Springs
139: (tie) Preston Gorton, jr., Cambridge Springs and Wyatt Lazzar, jr., Commodore Perry
145: Gunnar Gage, sr., Cambridge Springs
152: Mitchell Tingley, jr., Commodore Perry
160: Collin Hearn, sr., Conneaut
172: Danick Hinkson, jr., Commodore Perry
189: Aiden Osborne, jr., Commodore Perry
215: Hunter Yeager, sr., Commodore Perry
285: Garet Guthrie, so., Commodore Perry

107: Rowan Feikles, fr., Cambridge Springs
114: Cael Dailey, jr., Franklin
121: Travis Huya, so., Saegertown
127: Chase Blake, jr., Maplewood
133: Michael Wickstrom, jr., Maplewood
139: none
145: Andrew Proper, so., Maplewood
152: Drew Kockler, so., Franklin
160: James Sherman, jr., Cambridge Springs
172: Jonah Heckathorne, sr., Franklin
189: Tyler Shepard, so., Cambridge Springs
215: Porter Brooks, jr., Saegertown
285: Logan Corner, so., Saegertown
Region 2 wrestler of the year: Hunter Gould, jr., Conneaut

107: Adika Fiscus, so., Warren
114: Griffin Williams, so., Eisenhower
121: Logan Hodak, jr., Corry
127: Ian Mancusco, sr., Youngsville
133: Will Allen, so., Corry
139: Nate Stearns, jr., Titusville
145: (tie) Gavin Donaldson, jr., Titusville and Cody Proper, so., Corry
152: Trey Proper, sr., Corry
160: Tucker Lindell, jr., Eisenhower
172: Brock Covell, sr., Titusville
189: Ethyn Allen, sr., Corry
215: Kael Albers, so., Corry
285: Owen Nickerson, fr., Corry

107: Van Ward, fr., Union City
114: Ryan Fitzsimmons, jr., Warren
121: James Johnson, Youngsville
127: Isaiah Bayle, so., Corry
133: Trenton Rodgers, jr., Titusville
139: Logan McDonald, sr., Youngsville
145: none
152: Landen Wolfkiel, jr., Titusville
160: Mason Savitz, so., Corry
172: (tie) Zac Beckwith, sr., Union City and Evan Swanson, sr., Warren
189: Ryan Miller, sr., Seneca
215: Brok English, sr., Eisenhower
285: Michael Vanatta, sr., Eisenhower
Region 3 wrestler of the year: Brock Covell, sr., Titusville

107: Sierra Chiesa, so., Northwestern
114: Micah Rodriguez, so., Northwestern
121: Jake Bennett, jr., Fort LeBoeuf
127: Cyrus Hurd, so., North East
133: JoJo Przybycien, jr., Fort LeBoeuf
139: Blake Glass, fr., Fort LeBoeuf
145: Hudson Spires, so., General McLane
152: (tie) Story Buchanan, jr., Girard and Steffan Lynch, sr., North East
160: Chance Kimmy, jr., General McLane
172: Conner McChesney, jr., Fort LeBoeuf
189: Magnus Lloyd, jr., General McLane
215: Danny Church, sr., Fort LeBoeuf
285: Wilson Spires, sr., General McLane

107: Hunter Chew, fr., Harbor Creek
114: Rocky Kowle, fr., North East
121: Sebastian Chiesa, sr., Northwestern
127: Noah Cuic, so., Fort LeBoeuf
133: Konnor Kimmy, so., North East
139: Derek Dube, fr., General McLane
145: Jackson Bowers, jr., Fort LeBoeuf
152: Kyle Cousins, sr., General McLane
160: Dominic Stearns, jr., Fort LeBoeuf
172: Jessi Stempka, sr., General McLane
189: Ryan Welka, jr., Fort LeBoeuf
215: Abe Keep, sr., Girard
285: Zach Baldwin, sr., Girard
Region 4 wrestler of the year: Danny Church, sr., Fort LeBoeuf

107: Brody Bishop, fr., Hickory
114: Logan Sallot, sr., McDowell
121: Keagan Oler, so., Cathedral Prep
127: Sam Staab, sr., Cathedral Prep
133: Javarie Blue, so., McDowell
139: Connor Saylor, sr., Hickory
145: Lucas Kurelowech, so., McDowell
152: Artis Simmons, sr., McDowell
160: Caleb Butterfield, sr., McDowell
172: Owen Shetler, sr., Cathedral Prep
189: Ty Holland, sr., Hickory
215: Troy Peterson, sr., McDowell
285: Jack Sroka, sr., McDowell

107: Ben Fuller, so., Meadville
114: Amir Johnson, so., Cathedral Prep
121: Dylan O’Brien, so., Hickory
127: Mike Reardon, so., Hickory
133: Alex Kinder, sr., Meadville
139: Brandon Byrd, so., Cathedral Prep
145: Ryder Say, fr., Meadville
152: Brighton Anderson, jr., Meadville
160: Jaden Crockett, so., Cathedral Prep
172: Ty Tidball, jr., Meadville
189: Isaiah Harrick, sr., Cathedral Prep
215: Rhoan Woodrow, sr., Meadville
285: Ian Whistler, sr., Meadville
Region 5 wrestler of the year: Logan Sallot, sr., McDowell

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