Not a Good Idea

I have been a life long resident of Warren County and do not condone the idea of demolishing a highly frequented public park and the only natural usable space in close proximity to the downtown area and businesses.

This issue is completely frustrating in my opinion! I am absolutely on Allegheny Outfitters side that a hotel will be completely detrimental to their business operations and every other business that has chosen to open and put in the work to their specific locations on Clark St. Not to mention all the other business on Pennsylvania ave, and Liberty street that will be negatively impacted by a hotel. People come to Warren specifically for the outdoor activities and to enjoy the natural beauty of the ANF.

I have seen businesses come and go in the city of Warren through the years, But in recent years there has been a surge of locally owned small businesses choosing to make their mark here in Warren and it has been so exciting to see the growth and expansion. These owners deserve every bit of support and encouragement from the City officials.

A 59 room hotel in the only green space downtown is absolutely stupid! People choose to lodge elsewhere, ie. Jamestown, and Bradford because the hotels in our county are not up to the standards of what the bigger cities have to offer and what people are looking for.

The city is already making a profit off of the AO lease of their current parking lot so to give away the park and try to entice some big business to build a hotel is ridiculous. These small businesses are why people love it here not because we have Walmart or some other big box store or chain restaurant. This hotel plan may look good on paper but not at the expense of our local small business community. They have enough struggle with all the pandemic restrictions and absorption of the monetary loss they incur just by starting a business. These owners go out of their way to support our community and give back more than they ever receive. They are our friends and family, valued members of our community and they deserve our support in every way.

Put the boat launch in to benefit everyone and leave the park alone!!!! Pick another location for a hotel less detrimental to these up and coming businesses!

Thank you,
Melissa Buck