Letters to the Editor: Exciting Equations

March 29, 2024

Dear Editor,

I really enjoyed reading about East Forest Elementary participating in an Equations tournament. It brought back fond memories.

I participated in such interscholastic tournaments back in the late 1960s at Elderton Jr. High. I only recently tracked down the makers of the game and purchased a copy for myself. We also played another game from the same group back then that I enjoyed even more called Propaganda, which I also purchased (there was another one having to do with politics and compromise, etc… quaint these days. I did not like it as much.). I had a devil of a time finding these games all these years later but finally did just within the last 6 months thanks to the Internet and a lot of search-phrase-tweaking.

I’m almost embarrassed (having had such a hard time finding it) that it was being played right in my ‘backyard’. I had always intended to figure out how to introduce the game to the local schools because it is such a great game. They were apparently way ahead of me. Kudos to the school and everyone who has a hand in conducting these tournaments. Even nearly sixty years later I remember playing this game. It is fun, educational, and challenging. The equations of the game are only as complex as the players make them, but that is the challenge. Thank you for this article!

Forest County

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