Council Seeking Additional Input on Recycling Program

September 20, 2022

WARREN, Pa. – Warren City Council is seeking more input on a proposal that calls for a hike in recycling fees.

The current residential rate of recycling is $3.50 per month, with is tacked on to residents’ consumer bills. The proposal on the table was a three-year deal beginning in 2023 that would have seen that rate spike to $6.29 per month.

“If we don’t like the price right now, we can enter into an agreement for one year and continue to shop it around.”

Waste Management to submit a bid for recycling to the city. By law, the city must conduct a curbside recycling program, with the current contract with Waste Management running out at the end of 2022.

Director of Public Works Mike Holtz said the lack of bids is typical for the last four cycles.

“We could extend the current proposal for an additional 30 days,” said Councilman Jared Villella.

Ultimately, the council is taking a wait-and-see approach. They took action to seek a rate extension for the current bid through the October meeting and our seeking a re-bid for a one-year term as opposed to a three-year term.

“If they (Waste Management) increase the price,” that’s a risk you’re taking also,” said Councilman Maurice Cashman.

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