White Hot: Two Leagues, Two 700 Series for White

November 12, 2020

YOUNGSVILLE, Pa. – Matt White had 700 series in two different leagues at Valley Bowling Center.

In the Catering Plus/Wilcox Bros. Classic League Nov. 5, White was over 220 in every game on his way to a 748 series. He opened with a 265, followed with a 225 and finished with a 258.

During P2 Racing League action, White had a high game 268 on his way to a 715 series. The high game was sandwiched between a 212 and a 235.

White wasn’t the only bowler to roll a 700 series.

Cody Vincent finished with a 741 in Catering Plus/Wilcox Bros. Classic League play. He opened with a 258 and followed with a 270 before finishing with a 213.

Other results from around Valley follow:

Valley Bowling Center

Brokenstraw Couples (Nov. 6): Pam Jameson 189-499, Jed Kepple 203-575, Austin Fitzgerald 235-585, Scott Gustafson 222-604

Catering Plus / Wilcox Bros. Classic League (Nov. 5): Matt White bowling for White’s Excavating 265-225-258-748; Cody Vincent 258-270-213-741; Alex Johnson 256-691; Dale Johnson 238-650; Mike Cameron 225-613; Corry Moore 211-610; Adam Mourer 232-601; Rob Stockton 238-601; Ben Black 257-594; Keith White 219-588; Allen Lucks 222-579

P2 Racing League Monday Night: Matt White 212-268-235-715; Dale Johnson 234-686; Blaine Gunn 268-666; Bill Ward 226-652; Jonathan Stuart 246-649; Travis Gustafson 215-620; Alex Johnson 235-597; Rod Whited 211-579; Troy Stewart 204 566
Tuesday Nite Ladies: Lynn Olsen 192-464; Michelle Enos 181-486
Ladies Church League: Deb Brewster 196-493; Denice Hollingshead 177-490; Pat Joy 169-484; Lona Lindsay 162-467

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