DCNR Warns of Heightened Fall Wildfire Dangers

November 12, 2020
With hunting and other outdoors activities increasing at a time when woodlands and brush are becoming increasingly dry, DCNR is urging all residents to guard against increased wildfire dangers in Pennsylvania’s 17 million acres of forestlands.

(Photo courtesy Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.)

State officials note the current dry and unseasonably mild period comes at a time when wildfire dangers normally are high, and critical conditions can develop almost overnight in many forested areas of Pennsylvania.
Rain is expected later this week throughout the state, but Bureau of Forestry officials note crews now are battling a wildfire that has scorched an estimated 600 acres on State Game Lands 221, Monroe County.
With several deer and small-game hunting seasons open, woodlands visitors are urged to be especially careful with smoking and fires amid dry vegetation. Property owners should always consider the weather and conditions when burning outdoors.
If it’s windy or dry, burning should be postponed until conditions change. A hose, rake and shovel should be handy when burning outdoors, and any burnable materials cleared within 10 feet of a fire.
Details on wildfire prevention can be obtained at local forest districts and the Bureau of Forestry also maintains information on county burn bans in effect.

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