WCCBI Raffle Raises $400 for Toys for Tots

Lillian, Ryan and Evan Wellner receive a donation from WCCBI's John Papalia (right) for Toys for Tots of Warren. Photo courtesy WCCBI.

WARREN, Pa. – Multiple winners were drawn at the culmination of the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry’s basket raffle Friday night, but perhaps none bigger than Toys for Tots of Warren.

Money raised from ticket sales ultimately resulted in a $400 donation to Toys for Tots. Raffle winners were drawn during the Warren Christmas Walk on Friday.

“Obviously we’re extremely pleased with the number of baskets and the support that people have been giving this initiative,” said John Papalia, Director of Chamber Operations and Tourism. “We’re excited to help Toys for Tots. It’s an outstanding cause.”

The Warren Toys for Tots organization distributed 3,364 toys and helped 496 local children, of Warren County, in 2020.

Basket raffle winners were:
Bent Baskets: Jennifer Kane, Chris Riche
Kids Baskets: Chad Betts, Kathy
Bontrager Accessories from Warren Cycle Shop: Dave, Brad Conquer
Brokenstraw Winery: Barb
Virg-Ann Flower holiday arrangement and box of Dan Smith chocolates: Peggy Evans
Christmas tree by Sanford: Ken Pillar
White Cane Coffee Basket: Lexi Jones
Plaza Pies: Penny Lester, Carolyn Kitner, Sue Candria
Allegheny Outfitters: Vicki Chapel
Means Sales & Service oil change: John Tarr
FTMA Certificates: Justine Zimmerman