Warren County Pushes Back Timeline for Phase II of Courthouse Renovations

August 10, 2023

WARREN, Pa. – Phase II of renovations to the Warren County Courthouse is being pushed back.

With only one bid put forward, the Warren County Commissioners approved a motion during Thursday’s meeting to re-bid the project.

The hope is to get more bids, with the project now being pushed back to 2024.

“We’ve had extensive conversations with the architect about this project and we want to see more bids,” said Commissioner Jeff Eggleston. “We want to see more bids. We put this project together with the hopes of getting it started before the end of the year (2023), but we want to make sure it’s done right and as cost effective as possible.”

Corry-based firm Dynasty Construction provided the only bid, which was $891,168.

“I did want to see it move forward,” Eggleston said. “The bid came in well over $800,000, which is a pretty significant project for us. It’s important for us to have multiple bids for projects of that size.”

The project will include repairs to the main courtroom, improvements to help prevent water damage on the outside of some of the new sections of the building, painting below the roof line, and other general repairs as needed.

“By pushing it back, we’ll have more time to receive more bids,” said Commissioner Tricia Durbin.

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