Three-Year-Old Completes Library Reading Challenge

Liana Snyder. Photo courtesy Warren Public Library.

WARREN, Pa. – Three-year-old Liana Snyder turned in her Read Your Way Through the Alphabet Challenge form Tuesday to the Warren Public Library and received her reading badge, which she is proudly wearing in front of the Library’s Christmas tree.

Congratulations to Liana for a job well done. Children have until Jan. 17 to turn in their forms. All children who submit their forms will receive a reading badge.

Participant names will be entered into a random drawing after Jan. 17, and three children will each receive a $50 Walmart gift card.

To accomplish this challenge, readers can use author names or book titles for each letter. For example, Dog Man by Dav Pilkey could count towards the letter “D”, “M” or “P”. You may only use each book for one letter, which results in 26 different books being read.

Families have been coming into the library to find different books to fulfill different letters of the alphabet and have been reporting that they enjoy the challenge. If you have a child ages two through 12, it’s not too late to take the challenge.