SUNY JCC Announces Fall 2023 Graduates

March 15, 2024

JAMESTOWN, NY – Kirk Young, Ph.D., vice president of Student Affairs, and Jessica Kubiak, Ph.D., interim vice president of Academic Affairs, recently announced the students who were awarded degrees or certificates after completing the fall 2023 semester at SUNY Jamestown Community College.

One student earned a 4.0 grade point average, which is deemed highest honors. Thirty-eight students earned 3.5-3.99 GPA, or high honors; and 25 students earned honors at 3.25-3.49 GPA.

Allegany: Breeanna Finefrock (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Kimberly Kwiatkowski (A.S.: Addictions Counseling – High Honors)

Andover: Taegen MacCrea (Certificate: Healthcare Studies – High Honors)

Ashville: Paiton James (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Sciences – High Honors)

Bemus Point: Erin Nolan (A.S.: Homeland Security – High Honors), Terence Roberts (Certificate: Cybersecurity – Honors)

Bethpage: Antonia Coffaro (A.S.: Individual Studies)

Boksburg, South Africa: Belinda Paine (A.S.: Fine Arts: Studio Arts – High Honors)

Bradford, Pa.: Amanda Johnston (A.A.S.: Health Information Technology – High Honors), Gabriella Mager (A.S.: Business-Business Administration)

Bridgeport, Conn.: Suleyman Eminov (A.S.: Cybersecurity – Honors)

Brocton: Alicia Fedrick (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Alyssa Grover (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences), Cassandra Hurd (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences)

Buffalo: Maxine Langford (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration – Highest Honors)

Cassadaga: Aystyn Barrett (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Sciences), Isis Catlett (A.S.: Fine Arts: Studio Arts – Honors)

Cattaraugus: Cole Green (Certificate: Cybersecurity – High Honors), Cole Green (Certificate: Information Technology – High Honors), Charlie Milliman (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Sciences – High Honors)

Centurion, South Africa: Jolize Beukman (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education – High Honors)

Cherry Creek: Emily Rasmussen (Certificate: Healthcare Studies)

Clymer: Nikki Head (Certificate: Healthcare Studies – High Honors)

Cuba: Alexis Sleggs (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences)

Dunkirk: Alexander Bradley (A.A.S.: Criminal Justice – Honors), Tara Dissell (A.A.S.: Health Information Technology – High Honors), Milagro Fred (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration – Honors), Kenzie Genthner (A.S.: Communication), Michael Mitchell (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Michael Mitchell (Certificate: Computer-Aided Design), Jamaladie Pacheco (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Ashton Witkowski (A.A.S.: Criminal Justice – Honors)

East Elmhurst: HongLin Ye (A.S.: Computer Science – Honors)

Ellington: Jaedyn Stoltz (A.S.: Fine Arts: Music – High Honors)

Falconer: Scott Gardner (A.A.S.: Welding Technology – High Honors), Krista Johnson (A.A.S.: Welding Technology), Megan Langdon (A.A.S.: Health Information Technology – High Honors), Dylan Nilson (A.S.: Business-Business Administration – High Honors), Samarie Waddington (A.A.S.: Individual Studies)

Findley Lake: Christopher Eades (A.S.: Individual Studies – Honors)

Fishkill: Megan Daley (Certificate: Entrepreneurship – Honors)

Franklinville: Caitlynn Carson (A.S.: Addictions Counseling – Honors), Averey Pockey (A.S.: Individual Studies), Cheznea Rivera (A.S.: Business-Business Administration – High Honors)

Fredonia: Michelle Bouton (A.S.: Business-Business Administration – Honors)

Frewsburg: Rachael Kehrli (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Sciences – High Honors), Ashlynne Pischera (A.S.: Human Services), Christian Sardi (A.S.: Criminal Justice – Honors), Justin Swan (A.S.: Individual Studies – High Honors)

Gowanda: Madeline Browning (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education)

Great Valley: Cole Hedlund (A.A.S.: Individual Studies – High Honors)

Greater Manchester, England: Joshua Carr (A.S.: Physical Education Studies)

Greenbelt, Md.: Chelsea Adolph (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education)

Greenhurst: Christian Baffoin (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration – Honors)

Hinsdale: Samantha Vanderlaske (A.S.: Human Services – Honors)

Irving: James White (A.S.: Addictions Counseling)

Jamestown: Shaelyn Anderson (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Grace Arrance (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences), Skyela Banse-Fay (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Sciences), Trent Bjork (A.A.S.: Information Technology – High Honors), Colton Cappalino (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Sciences), Robert Cole (Certificate: Administrative Professional), Heather DeJesus (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences – Honors), Steven Dewey (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences), Jonathan Erickson (A.S.: Computer Science – Honors), Courtney Huston (A.S.: Addictions Counseling – Honors), Tammy Ingrao (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Alice Moffatt (A.S.: Business-Business Administration – High Honors), Christopher Navarro (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Kyler Nickerson (A.S.: Computer Science – High Honors), Marissa Rosado (A.S.: Addictions Counseling – High Honors), Brianna Ryan (A.S.: Individual Studies), Devon Walrod (A.S.: Fine Arts: Studio Arts – High Honors)

Johannesburg, South Africa: Vinil Keshav (A.S.: Computer Science – High Honors)

Kennedy: Kaden Dove (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education – Honors)

Lakewood: Leah Gustafson (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences), Leah Gustafson (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities), Morgan Palmer (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences), Calvin Ricker (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education – Honors)

Little Genesee: Breanna Militello (Certificate: Healthcare Studies – High Honors)

Long Beach, Miss.: Jessica Knapp (A.S.: Business-Business Administration)

Mamaroneck: Amarily Rodriguez (A.S.: Individual Studies – High Honors)

Mayville: Chadwick Crandall (A.A.S.: Mechanical Technology: Machine Tool – High Honors), Nicholas Gilmore (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education), Bryce Peterson (A.S.: Sport Management)

North Collins: Abigail Rupp (A.S.: Business-Business Administration – High Honors)

Olean: Steven Atherton (A.A.S.: Information Technology – High Honors), Jaykob Cornell (A.S.: Individual Studies), Kaden Cruz (A.S.: Criminal Justice – High Honors), Dustin Elliott (A.A.S.: Mechanical Technology: Design), Michael Hamed (A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Isaiah Maine (A.S.: Individual Studies), Rita Malone (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration – Honors)

Panama: Emily Lyon (A.A.S.: Health Information Technology – Honors), Brendon Ramsey (A.S.: Physical Education Studies)

Perrysburg: Rosalee Royce (A.S.: Addictions Counseling – Honors)

Plainview: Na Ouyang (A.S.: Computer Science – High Honors)

Randolph: Goldie Madison (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Jasmine Santiago (A.S.: Business-Business Administration)

Ripley: David Gard (A.S.: Computer Science – High Honors)

Riverhead: Daniel Keller (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration – High Honors)

Russell, Pa.: Alexander Kemery (A.S.: Music Industry), Zachary Rohlin (A.A.S.: Sport Management)

Salamanca: Lisa Knoxsah (A.S.: Homeland Security), Mushirah Sheppard (A.S.: Individual Studies)

Sherman: Gerald Carris (A.A.S.: Individual Studies – Honors), Chance Meeder (A.S.: Business-Business Administration – High Honors)

Silver Creek: Riley Herling (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Sciences), Cathleen Traver (A.S.: Criminal Justice – Honors)

South Dayton: Michaliah LiVecche (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences), GraceAnn Rebmann (A.S.: Individual Studies – High Honors), Cassidy Vincent (A.S.: Physical Education Studies – High Honors)

Warren, Pa.: Austyn Cummings (A.A.S.: Information Technology), Donovan Fiscus (A.S.: Business-Business Administration)

Wellsville: James Dunne (A.A.S.: Mechanical Technology: Design – Honors)

Westfield: Sheala Barresi (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences – High Honors), Kellie Rivera (A.A.S.: Health Information Technology)

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