RDA Brought Up to Speed on Trestle to Trestle Task Force, Comprehensive Plan


WARREN, Pa. – The newly formed Trestle to Trestle Task Force, spearheaded by the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry, was one of several items discussed during Wednesday’s City of Warren Redevelopment Authority meeting. 

“The idea of the Trestle to Trestle Task Force that the WCCBI is providing oversight and coordination of is to look at the vision as well as assess the current state of the existing buildings between the two trestles,” said RDA Vice Chair Wendy McCain. “My understanding is that city government has shown support for the initiative. We’re very aware it’s not just about good ideas but coming up with common ground to come up with an action plan that someone oversees to make sure the tasks actually happen.”

McCain, who is one of 15 members serving on the task force, also noted that community support is key. 

“We identify opportunities and work with the city to coordinate efforts, with the community buy-in and support of the initiative,” she said. “The WCCBI can make recommendations and provide support, which includes financial support.”

McCain was re-elected Vice-Chair during the meeting. Mike Boyd will continue to serve as chairman and Marty McQuillan as secretary/treasurer. 

City Manager Nancy Freenock laid out a timeframe for when RDA will be involved with the City’s new comprehensive plan. 

“Part of the comprehensive plan process is to rewrite the zoning ordinance,” said Freenock. “The comprehensive plan is going to be an implementable comprehensive plan. In the comprehensive plan process, there is no role for RDA, but once the projects are set up, the RDA will play a very large role. This should all be taking place within the next two to three months. It will take at least a year to complete. For the entire city, not just the riverfront.” 

The RDA also moved ahead on several properties. 

The properties at 111 Pioneer St. and 106 Sixth Ave. are both owned by the city, acquiring them due to delinquent sewer accounts. 

Boyd brought up the idea of an auction as a way to seek maximum value for the properties. 

It was agreed that an auction be held for the Pioneer St. property and a sealed bid be held for the Sixth Ave. property.