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Pieces of the Past — Lucy

January 17, 2024

Have you ever been to Celoron? Chances are you have! I’m guessing that over half of my readers have been there.

The Lucille Ball Memorial Park just happens to be where two enterprising brothers built a place for their paddle wheel boats to go and a place for their trolley service to go as well. Celoron Park was a true adult playground. Midway Park continues to promote family fun. Both men grew up in a wealthy industrialist’s family. Neither of them were interested in making worsted wool. They decided to get into the transportation business.

Lucille Désirée Ball lived within walking distance of where her statues stand today. There are two. A beautifully detailed one that is located toward the center of the park just off the parking lot. Then there is “Scary Lucy.” She was summarily removed from the place of honor and placed down toward the lake next to the restrooms! The story behind the two representations of the entertainment icon most certainly would have generated a response from her!

A lot of people aren’t aware of Lucy’s business acumen. She saw possibilities where others smelled failure. Her studio, Desilu was the creator of over a dozen popular TV series. “I Love Lucy” was their first and most well known. But Lucy was the matriarch of “The Andy Griffith Show,” “The Dick VanDyke Show,” “Whirlybirds,” “Mission Impossible,” “The Untouchables,” and more! One show was rejected by the top brass and Lucy stepped in. Every Trekkie should thank her for using her clout to get Star Trek out of the dumpster and on the air.

I share all this because she would have seen what the two statues have done.

The first, “Scary” was a project given to a regional sculptor who bid on the project. The day came when it was unveiled to much public pride until people got a good look at it! From that day forward another sculptor was sought. A lady from out of the area was hired and a fresh likeness was proudly put in place.

Today “Scary Lucy” has drawn as many curious viewers as the new one. Lucy easily would have seen that coming. “Scary Lucy” will probably be there until they need the space for something else.


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