Our Loss is Their Gain

Dave Sherman smiles during his favorite event, the Warren County Visitors Bureau Event Planning Party on April 6, 2022. The event was Sherman's last as WCVB Executive Director. Photo by Brian Hagberg.

It was both appropriate, and inadequate, that in the final moments of his final event, outgoing Warren County Visitors Bureau Executive Director Dave Sherman received a standing ovation.

Appropriate because there may not have been a bigger advocate for Warren County over the last decade than Dave, and inadequate because more of the county wasn’t on hand for the send-off.

Dave had asked if he could pen a farewell letter to Warren County for publication on Your Daily Local, which we readily agreed to. He sent a note late last week explaining why he wasn’t able to finish. Simply put, he was still more concerned with the future of Warren County than himself.

And that’s who Dave has been during his time with WCVB. He’s been looking out for all of us, trying to bring as many people to the area as possible.

Not to put more money in his pocket or to receive adulation from adoring citizens, but because he knew that once people got here and spent time here, they would fall in love with Warren County just as he did.

It’s a mindset any of us who want to see Warren County grow should strive to have. And it’s a necessity, to be quite honest if we’re ever going to come close to achieving any of those lofty goals.

It was no coincidence that the WCVB Event Planning Party Thursday was the final event Dave oversaw. He’s told us on multiple occasions that it’s his personal favorite. And it’s easy to see why.

The WCVB helps nearly 20 local events by reimbursing up to $1,000 in advertising, provided those events spend the money more than 50 miles outside of Warren County. Why? So more people will come to the area.

There’s not a more fitting event to encapsulate Dave’s goals and passions. . . unless there’s a basketball involved.

Because he gave of his time and expertise to those already living here, too. He led a Beaty 8th grade girls team to an undefeated season in the fall of 2017 and gave us a glimpse of the success to come when two of those players, Riley Childress and Emma Ruhlman, would take the court at Warren Area High School the following year.

He was also an integral part of helping turn the Youngsville boys basketball team into a playoff contender as an assistant to Jesse DeLoof from 2018-2020.

Selfishly, we’ll miss Dave because he has been one of our biggest supporters since Day 1. He always had words of encouragement when needed, and was willing to be a sounding board if we had new ideas. When I came down with COVID in early 2021, he didn’t hesitate to hop on as a color man for our basketball broadcasts and was a featured guest on our basketball roundtable discussions.

We sincerely hope your next adventure brings you happiness and success. Warren County is better for having you, and we know wherever life takes you, whatever community you decide to call home for this next chapter will be better as well. Our loss will most certainly be their gain.

For everything, thank you, Dave Sherman.