Freehold Township Polling Precinct Moving


WARREN, Pa. – Freehold Township will soon have a new polling location.

During Wednesday’s Warren County Board of Elections meeting at the Warren County Courthouse, a motion was approved to move from the current location, the Freehold Township building in Bear Lake to the Wrightsville Fire Department.

The Warren County Commissioners make up the Board of Elections.

“They’re all for it,” said Warren County Director of Elections Lisa Rivett. “I talked to Wanda (Smith, Emergency Management Coordinator for Freehold Township) and explained a few things such as accessibility. It’s handicap accessible. I have a walk-through set up for Sept. 10 at 10 a.m.”

Warren County Commissioners Jeff Eggleston, Tricia Durbin and Ben Kafferlin approved the motion.

In March, a new polling location was approved in Warren, with the Salvation Army now housing ‘Warren South’ and ‘Warren West.’

The south side precinct was formerly located at the Seneca Building, along with Warren West, which had been at St. Joseph Church.