WGH Touts Finances, Future Goals at Annual Meeting


WARREN, Pa. – Citing a $20 million influx and a 4.4 percent (roughly $4 million) positive operating margin in the fiscal year 2022, Warren General Hospital CEO Rick Allen pointed to the positive direction the hospital is going.

Allen also noted the downturn in the COVID-19 pandemic as a positive in a number of ways.

“It’s been a rough go, but I’m very, very proud of our staff and every one of our team members at Warren General Hospital,” Allen said. “Their dedication, their work ethic, and the effort they put forth have been phenomenal. It’s my pleasure to work with such a dedicated and committed staff.

For the past few years (before Allen took over as CEO), the hospital lost $25 million, and there was little to no money being put in.

But that has changed, according to Allen.

“Through our partnership with Allegheny Health Network and LECOM health and our good, strong operational performance, we’ve been able to reinvigorate and recapitalize, to add, invest and expand and invest in Warren General Hospital over $20 million,” Allen said.

Allen specifically noted the acquisition of new doctors, specifically general surgeon Dr. Yoko Young-Sang, new Family Medicine physician Dr. Megan Church, as well as the acquisition of Allegheny Health Network OB/GYN Dr. Dan Burns and staff.

“We also completed phase one of our emergency room update, a new registration area, and waiting room, as well a new pediatric rehabilitation center,” Allen noted. “That (pediatric rehabilitation center) is a wonderful, wonderful program for those kids with special needs.”

Allen also pointed to the hospital’s earning of $1 million quality dollars through its quality team, helping to offset decreasing traditional payments from insurance companies. The quality team at WGH was also recognized as a Highmark Quality Blue Program.

It highlights a bigger goal of the hospital, which Allen says, is more about quality of care than profit.

“Our goal is not to make money,” he said. “But to make enough money in order to reinvest and expand.”

As far as some of the goals for 2022, Allen points to continued doctor recruitment, as well as a new surgical robotic arm, updated and expanded electronic medical records, and completing phase two of the ER renovation as well as the renovation of the maternity unit.

“We’re putting $1 million into upgrading that maternity area and the pediatric unit,” Allen said. “Warren General Hospital is an independent, community-focused hospital delivering world-class medical care and service through the collaborative efforts of our physicians, staff, and volunteers. That’s our vision.”