WCSD releases district-wide spectator plan after latest guidelines from Gov. Wolf

October 8, 2020

With the state’s new gathering guidance, the Warren County School District released a district-wide plan for spectators at sporting events.

A memo sent to building administration throughout the Warren County School District details the new guidelines.

The new guidance, which goes into effect Friday, Oct. 9, is a three-tiered system that allows gatherings, both indoor and outdoor, up to a certain percentage of capacity. The percentage varies based on the venue’s total capacity.

For WCSD, those are as follows for each school:

Indoor/gym occupancy is 20% of the seating capacity. We are going with the numbers Building and Grounds have calculated for us. The number bolded/underlined below is your new max capacity for indoor events and that includes players, coaches, officials, game personnel, and fans.

YMHS seating capacity is 624 = 125
YES seating Capacity is 197 = 40
SAMHS seating capacity is 828 = 165
WAHS seating capacity is 663 = 133
BWMS seating capacity is 357 = 72
EMHS  seating capacity is 560 = 112

The release also addressed the issuing of tickets, as well as social-distancing guidelines.

  • Please continue to give out tickets in advance to Middle School Girl’s Basketball, Volleyball, and Varsity Football. Varsity Football games at WAHS and EMHS will be run just like the previous home game.
  • No need to hand out tickets in advance for Boys/Girls Soccer, JV and Middle School Football, Cross Country, and Tennis because they will not come close to the max number based on past attendance.
  • Please take care of the home fans first and if you have tickets available you can offer them to the visiting fans.  This will vary based on the venue.
  • Face masks and social distancing requirements still apply and will be enforced.  All people in attendance must sign in with name and cell / phone number.
Sheffield principal Glenn Smith posted in the SAMHS Facebook group the following: “The latest guidelines will allow 20 % of the maximum capacity for indoor venues. Therefore, based on the size of our gym, we can safely hold 165 people. This means each player will receive four tickets for their family to use at home events. Enjoy!!”
The Warren Athletics Fund posted to its Facebook page that no general admission tickets would be available for Saturday’s football game between Warren and Meadville.
“A reminder that you must have a pass in order to be able to purchase a ticket to enter Saturday’s night’s football game with Meadville,” the post read. “The game starts at 6:00 pm. There will be no general admission seats sold. Each football player, cheerleader, coaches and band members were given 4 passes to purchase a ticket to the game. WAHS students can purchase a ticket at the door but must sit in their assigned seating area. We will sell 60 student tickets.”
Immediate upcoming home events on/after Oct. 9 for schools are as follows:
• Sheffield volleyball vs. Eisenhower on Friday
• Eisenhower football vs. Iroquois on Friday
• Warren soccer vs. Titusville on Saturday
• Warren football vs Meadville on Saturday

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