Kevin Tome, left, is presented his Match 6 Pennsylvania Lottery check from AJ Kaye, Area Sales Manager for the Pennsylvania Lottery.

Wardrobe Malfunction Proves to be Lucky Charm as Youngsville Resident Claims $1.86 Million Match 6 Prize

August 8, 2023

YOUNGSVILLE, Pa. – An innocent wardrobe malfunction proved to be the good luck charm for Kevin Tome.

Tome, who is 53 years old and calls Youngsville home, purchased the winning $1.86 million Pennsylvania Lottery Match 6 jackpot ticket on Tuesday, June 20 at Brokenstraw Beverage.

“I keep an eye on the lottery and when the games get high, I start playing,” Tome said. “The Match 6 had gotten over $1.5 million, and I started playing it.”

The day started out just like most for Tome, who got up and went to work at his job at Betts Industries.

“The day I bought the ticket, Tuesday, June 20, I had gotten up early in the morning just like every other day and went about my day,” Tome said. “I got out of work, came over to get some beer and get a lottery ticket and the lady at the counter said ‘you know your shirt is on inside out? I went around all day with my shirt inside out.”

Tome was at work the next day when he first got the hint it just might be his lucky day.

“So, the next day at work, Todd (Kellogg) comes in and says ‘hey, you play the Match 6?’ I was like ‘yeah.’ He said someone from Youngsville won the Match 6 and bought the ticket at Brokenstraw Beverage. I put my lunch down, went out to the truck, pulled open the console, got out my ticket and my phone. First line, no matches, second line no matches, third line all six numbers.”

It took a minute for it to sink in, so much so that Tome needed confirmation.

“I stood out there just in disbelief,” Tome said. “I went to get Todd, I said, come out here and look at this. He’s like ‘you won.’ I’m like, holy cow, I won. So I go back into work, I’m like, look man, I gotta go.”

Tome went home, where he called out to his wife, Heather, for her to get downstairs.

Tome said the prize money will help him pay college tuition for his two daughters, Sarah and Samantha.

“Congratulations to Kevin, who won big on Match 6,” said Pennsylvania Lottery Executive Director Drew Svitko. “Whether it’s Match 6 or our recent other big jackpots like Powerball and Mega Millions, we remind players that it only takes one ticket to win a life-changing prize. It’s also a win-win for the seniors of our Commonwealth who rely on the vital services and programs the Lottery funds for things like hot meals, transportation and help paying their rent and property taxes.”

Brokenstraw Beverage also received a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

“After this is over, I’m going to flip my shirt inside-out and go get some Mega Millions tickets,” Tome said.

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