Sarah Marino performs at Brokenstraw Valley Winery.

Touring Warren County: Youngsville’s Island Park Music Series

July 22, 2023

YOUNGSVILLE, Pa. – Rain or shine, the Island Park Music Series in Youngsville goes on.

The idea was born out of Warren’s Music in the Park and brought to life by Youngsville Mayor Scott Nelson.

“It’s just something I really liked how Warren did it,” Nelson said. “I’ve been a music lover my entire life. I first approached the borough office about the idea eight years ago.”

Island Park serves as a large venue for the event, which features a number of talented local artists.

And when the weather doesn’t cooperate, the Brokenstraw Valley Winery is more than happy to host.

That was the case on Thursday when Sarah Marino performed.

“I didn’t want to compete with what Warren was doing, but I did want to emulate it,” Nelson said. “I also wanted to have it a different night.”

That’s why Youngsville’s weekly event during the summer is held on Thursdays, while Warren’s Music in the Park is held on Fridays.

And Island Park provides the perfect setting, with plenty of room. It also allows people to listen from the comfort of their homes if they live close enough.

“That’s a big park, and we have a lot of families going,” Nelson said. “Kids can play while people sit and listen. It’s been really nice. One thing I didn’t anticipate is how many people listen from their houses. They have dinner outside and listen to the music.”

Nelson has had a passion for music and is always eager to help aspiring young artists and welcome them to perform.

“I really want to promote local,” Nelson said. “That’s generally what most of our bands are. We’ve had a power list of women this year. They bring out a good crowd.”

The only thing left for Nelson to do is to perform himself.

“I hoped to be able to start playing myself, but playing the guitar and singing…maybe someday.”

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