State Police Warn Residents of Telephone Solicitation Scam


HARRISBURG — All residents of the Commonwealth should be aware that the Pennsylvania State Police do not solicit private citizens for payments by telephone.

Department regulations strictly prohibit troopers from seeking monetary considerations of any kind.

Recently, Pennsylvania residents have reported receiving telephone calls from an individual who identifies themselves as an investigating Trooper employed by the Pennsylvania State Police. The recipient’s caller ID may even indicate that the call is originating from a legitimate Pennsylvania State Police installation.

According to police, this individual has indicated that they would arrest the call recipient on outstanding arrest warrants unless a specified amount of money was paid for bail. The caller asks to verify names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers, and then asks for credit card and/or bank account numbers. If the request is refused, citizens are then threatened with arrest and/or fines.

Residents who may receive a payment request, by telephone, from someone purporting to be a member of the Pennsylvania State Police, should NEVER provide any personal or financial information. Instead, obtain as much information as possible about the request from the caller, obtain the caller’s name and call back number, and notify the local state police station of the incident as soon as possible.

Additionally, any questions regarding calls, mailings, or internet contacts received from the Pennsylvania State Police can be clarified by calling the local state police station.

In the instance that an individual may have already been contacted and has already given out their personal or financial information, PSP recommends they monitor their account statements and credit reports, and contact their local police department.

Local residents may contact Warren-based Pennsylvania State Police at 814-728-3600.