Sen. Bob Casey Talks Key Issues During Meet and Greet

Senator Bob Casey speaks at an event at Betts Parks in Warren in August of 2021.

WARREN, Pa. – The Warren County Young Democrats had a special guest on Thursday.

Senator Bob Casey made an appearance at a meet and greet for the group at Betts Park, speaking for about 15 minutes.

Casey was in town for a meeting with Warren County Commissioner Jeff Eggleston and other county officials. Eggleston said that Casey has been to Warren more than any other statewide official during his tenure.

“I wish there were more that would do that, that took that level of interest in us, in our community,” Eggleston said. “It’s rare. And that’s not a Democrat or Republican thing. Democrat or Republican, I don’t care. If you come to our community and take an interest in us, then I’m going to take an interest in you.”

Casey took time to talk about infrastructure, broadband internet, the upcoming fall election, education, COVID-19 and the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, which resulted in the death of at least 12 members of the United States military forces on Thursday.

“We lost a lot of soldiers today, we lost Americans today in a distant land where there’s so much tension and strife and conflict,” Casey said. “And I’d like to be able to say that today will be the last day for that, but none of us can be certain of that. We pray for those who lost their lives. We pray for those who are still on the job, those remarkable men and women in uniform. We also have to do all we can to continue to support the effort that’s resulting in the mass evacuation of American citizens, as well as our Afghan partners.”

After Casey spoke he stayed and talked and took pictures with those in attendance.

“It was a good turnout and a good message and everyone had a great time,” Eggleston said. “Like I said, Bob Casey’s been up here more than any statewide official that I can think of in my time. I think it’s an example of his focus, our area, this community and his dedication to the state of Pennsylvania.”