New Exhibition Set to Open at Crary Art Gallery on Oct. 7

October 1, 2023

WARREN, Pa. – A new exhibition featuring a pair of artists is scheduled to open at the Crary Art Gallery on Saturday, Oct. 7.

The opening for works by Elizabeth Myers Castonguay and Abby Carter will begin at 3 p.m., with the artists scheduled to speak at 4 p.m. The exhibition will run through Sunday, Nov. 5.

“Works from both artists are equally appealing and contrasting,” the Gallery said in a release. “Elizabeth’s intimate images of the connection between humanity and nature captivatingly play against Abby’s bright, fun, madcap characters.”

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Castonguay’s body of work titled ‘Endangered’ displays the effect of humanity on the biodiversity of the environment. It is also meant to connect human diversity and the biodiversity of nature. Her goal is to invite the viewer to “internalize, reflect, and see the world that we have created.” Castonguay believes that “we were given Paradise but didn’t recognize it,” and human behaviors and actions have had a role in the increased number of endangered species on planet Earth. Castonguay’s art draws the viewer into the elegance and intrigue of a paradise people don’t know they’ve lost.

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Carter is a lover of art, science, and nutrition. She considered being an architect or medical illustrator, but in the end, she pursued illustrating children’s books. Her delightful characters can be found in numerous children’s books such as “Daddies Do It Differently” by Alan Lawrence Sitomer (Hyperion Book CH) and “Andy Shane and the Barn Sale Mystery” by Jennifer Richard Jacobson (Candlewick Press). Carter’s bright, vibrant work displays whacky, expressive characters that will spark the imagination and bring smiles to faces.

Both exhibiting artists believe that when it comes to pursuing a love of art, everyone (and anyone) should keep pursuing, no matter what anyone else says. Successful adults have told Castonguay their parents wouldn’t let them pursue art because they wouldn’t be able to make a living. She reminds that “it’s never too late to learn, so if this is your story then change it. Take lessons or just start drawing regularly. There is an artist in everyone!”

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