In Tough Times, United Fund Of Warren County Sees Just How Giving The Local Community Can Be

December 13, 2020

In times of crisis and hardship, people often reveal their true colors. 

(Editors Note: This is Part 1 of a two-part series on the United Fund. Part 2 will be released on Monday) 

That’s certainly the case in Warren County, as the United Fund of Warren County is in the midst of its annual Torchlight Campaign, with a goal of $680,000. 

Executive Director Lacey Hanson drew hope from the Warren Gives event earlier this year as a blueprint of just how Warren County residents respond in times of need. 

“Back in May when we had the Warren Gives Day, it set a record,” Hanson noted. “Going into this campaign that was really motivating for us. If they can do it during the middle of the pandemic, we can do it too. People stepped up and helped our non profits on that day.”

The United Fund supports a network of local, Warren County agencies, and their need, given the current COVID-19 crisis, is perhaps greater now than it has been in a long time. 

Those that can step up to give certainly have up to this point. 

“The Warren community has a history in times of need of stepping up to the plate and being generous,” Hanson said. “We’ve seen some examples of that. Our Division A – Business/Industry, accounts for 60 percent of our funds. The big businesses – Whirley, Northwest, Superior, Targeted Pet Treats and others. Our Divisions B, D and F are all mail in campaigns. We mail out a pledge card and return envelope asking for a donation.”

And for those wondering, the United Fund is unique in that every cent people donate goes right back to the community. 

It’s the only non-profit in Pennsylvania that can make that claim. 

“One hundred percent of every penny that people donate is allocated out to our agencies,” Hanson said. “The United Fund has endowments that are set up that generate enough interests that cover all of our operating and administrative costs. You’re not paying for us.  We want people to know that all of their donations go back to the agencies we serve.”

The list of United Fund agencies is as follows: A Safe Place, the Allegheny Community Center, the American Red Cross, Bollinger Enterprises, Chief Cornplanter Council of the Boy Scouts, the Dental Clinic, Caring for Life, Don Mills Achievement Center, Family Services of Warren County, Girl Scouts, Hospice of Warren County, Jefferson DeFrees Family Center, New Hope Assistance Dogs, Ruth M. Smith Center, Sheffield Hospitality Center, the Salvation Army, Warren County 4-H Program, Warren Area Student Union and the YMCA.

Also, a contribution is made each year to the USO in honor of Warren County service people serving around the world.

Stay tuned on Monday for an exciting announcement from the United Fund.


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