Forest Service Accepting Public Comment on Pleasant Project

Map courtesy USDA.

BRADFORD, Pa. – The Forest Service is accepting public review and comment of the environmental assessment on the Pleasant project on the Bradford Ranger District of the Allegheny National Forest.

The Pleasant project area (see map above) is generally located south of Warren and encompasses approximately 24,427 acres of National Forest System lands.

The project proposed management activities include: Vegetation Treatments; Timber Harvesting; Wildlife Habitat Improvements; Watershed and Stream Restoration; Non-Native Invasive Plant Species Treatments; Transportation Activities

To view the project documents please visit the project websites.

Comments are most helpful if received by Sept. 3, 2021

For more information or to submit a comment, please contact Bradford District Ranger Rich Hatfield at or 814-363-6000. You may also mail written comments to District Ranger Richard Hatfield, 29 Forest Service Dr., Bradford, PA 16701.