Extra CDBG Funding Available After Sheffield Township Pulls Water Line Project


WARREN, Pa. – Sheffield Township recently pulled its funding for a Community Development Block Grant-funded project, leaving Warren County officials with about $93,000 to spend.

The county now has about a week to figure out what to do with the remaining funds after the township pulled funding for a water line project on High Street, according to Lorri Dunlap, Grants Administrator for Warren County.

The project in question was to affect ten houses on High Street that are currently running on a spring water system.

“Some of the residents were complaining about lack of upkeep and maintenance on that line,” Dunlap said.

The issues stemmed from an ordinance that the township would have had to implement, requiring the residents to connect in order to use the funds.

“Half wanted it, half didn’t,” Dunlap said. “Yesterday they informed me of their decision to withdraw their project because they didn’t want to make everybody have to connect.”

Now there are $93,356 dollars available.

“It’s a little late in the game,” Dunlap said. “We’re going to have to find a way to reallocate those funds in the next week or so.”

A project to improve the stormwater system on Center Street in Clarendon, will go forward.