White Cane Coffee CEO and founder Erin Willman. Photo submitted.

Erin Willman Announces Write-In Campaign for State Representative in PA District 65

April 10, 2024

WARREN, Pa. – White Cane Coffee founder and CEO Erin Willman announced in a release Wednesday that she is running a write-in campaign for state representative in Pennsylvania District 65.

“With a focus on inclusivity and accountability, Erin Willman’s campaign aims to secure enough votes in the upcoming primary on April 23rd to secure her spot on the General Election Ballot this November,” the release read. “Having recently testified before the US Senate and engaged with Senator Bob Casey in Warren, Erin Willman recognizes the urgent need for effective leadership that reflects the diverse needs and voices of District 65.”

Willman has already secured the endorsement of a Warren County Commissioner.

“I am extremely pleased to endorse Erin Willman as the write-in candidate for State Representative,” Commissioner Dan Glotz said. “Erin’s commitment to serving the community and her demonstrated leadership in both entrepreneurship and advocacy make her the ideal candidate to represent District 65.”

“With a vision for a more inclusive and prosperous future, Erin Willman stands ready to champion the interests of all constituents in Harrisburg,” the release read. “Her campaign calls on voters to write in ERIN WILLMAN on their mail-in ballots or during in-person voting to ensure their voices are heard and represented in the upcoming primary.”

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