From left, Patrolman Alex Suppa, Patrolman Gary Doolittle, Seneca Generation LLC Plant Administrator Kellie McClement and Captain Jeff Dougherty.

Donation Helps Bring E-Bikes to City of Warren Police Department

October 10, 2023

WARREN, Pa. – Thanks to a generous donation from Seneca Generation, LLC, the City of Warren Police Department was able to purchase four new e-bikes.

The department’s current fleet was over 20 years old. The new e-bikes, valued at $5,000 each, will be used for regular patrols as well as bicycle specific programming in schools and other programs.

“The e-bikes give us an opportunity to lower our carbon footprint,” said City of Warren Police Captain Jeff Dougherty. “They are also great for community service and really allow us to interact with the community.”

The project began when Dougherty reached out to Seneca Generation, laying out the idea and why the department could use the bikes.

The initial goal was for two bikes, but the bar was raised.

“I was blown away that they got back to us so quickly,” Dougherty said.

Kellie McClement, Plant Administrator for Seneca Generation, LLC, said it was a perfect fit.

“Captain Dougherty reached out, and with us being a renewable energy company, it was a perfect project for us to donate to,” McClement said. “It’s a great way to help out the City of Warren Police Department. It was a top priority.”

Several officers have already participated in a 27-mile training ride with the e-bikes, which the department has had for about two weeks.

The bikes are able to reach a top speed of 33 miles per hour and have five different pedalist options, levels 1-5, that riders can use based on the amount of assist that is needed.

A single battery charge can last up to 50 hours. The bikes themselves are manufactured by Recon Power Bikes, which focuses on law enforcement and military use. The bikes are used by both the FBI and Border Protection.

“I want to thank Kellie and Seneca Generation for this incredible gift,” said Mayor Dave Wortman. “Our police department does an incredible job in the community and this is another tool that will help with that. I’m sure the police department will put the bikes to great use to benefit the city.”

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