County Commissioners Honor Longtime Director of Elections Rivett

Warren County Director of Elections Lisa Rivett gets a hug from Warren County Commissioner Tricia Durbin.

WARREN, Pa. – The Warren County Commissioners honored longtime Director of Elections Lisa Rivett during Wednesday’s Election Board meeting.

Rivett, who is retiring after 14 years, was honored for her service to her post.

“There are few people who work as hard as Lisa does to keep things going in the election office,” said Commissioner Jeff Eggleston. “We get so few complaints, so few issues and that’s how you gauge things in public service. The notion that we’ve gotten this far with one person in the election office is a testament to her hard work and dedication.”

Added Commissioner Ben Kafferlin: “Both parties trust her implicitly. We’re going to have some big shoes to fill. She’s one of the best. She’s been top-notch. I want to applaud and really appreciate your fairness, equity and impartiality to running elections for the last 14 years.”

Rivett reported that everything in the county went ‘really smooth’ during November’s election.