Constable’s Office Looking For Individuals With Active Warrants

October 21, 2020
The Warren County Pa State Constable Office is currently looking for the following individuals that have active warrants for them.
The office is asking anyone with information on ones whereabouts to please call or text them at 814-706-1093.
These individuals may also contact the office to setup a time and place to meet up or they may contact the Magistrate’s office of Honorable Raymond F. Zydonik at 814-723-2260 and/or visit them at 333 Hickory St.

Arian C. Jordan
Mattie M. Knight
Michelle A. Sweet
Rodney William Wilkins
William J. Lemaster
Also, the following individuals have active warrants out of Honorable Todd A Woodin offices. His office can be reached at 814-563-4682 or at 37 Railroad Street Youngsville, Pa 16365.
Jessica Marie Wolfgang
Jo Lynn Grigsby
Lorinzo M. Clark
Nathan C. Johnson
Sean Michael Wright
Timothy Allen McMillen
Also, the following individuals have active warrants out of Honorable Denise M. Buell office. Her office can be reached at 814-665-7285 or visit there office at 732 Worth Street Corry, Pa 16407.
James Winschel
Jasmine C. Yost
Justin Andrew Bishop
Lisa Ann Davis
Nicole M. Taylor
Maranda Sampson
Roger J. Scott
Darian Alexa Leech
Barry R. Fosburg
Jacob Jeffrey James Brown
Elijah S. Carnes
Martin L. Winkler
Kerri Wilcox
If anyone has any information on any of the above names, do not approach them. Contact your local police department or Pennsylvania state constable Young at 814-706-1093.

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