Meet the Candidates — City Council: Kim Exley


Your Daily Local reached out to the candidates for City Council to get their take on some of the most pressing issues currently facing the City of Warren. Their responses follow.

(Editor’s note: we are running the questions and responses in their entirety, with only minor corrections made for spelling/grammar where applicable.)

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Q: What most qualifies you to serve on City Council?
A: I am currently the Human Resources Employee Relations Administrator for Warren County. I am able to bring over 15 years of experience in areas including budgeting, benefits administration, knowledge of union contracts, and employee relations. One of my biggest responsibilities for the County is listening to our employees and working with them to find solutions to the issues facing them. If elected, I will work with other members of Council, the Mayor, City Staff, and the Community to help find solutions to the issues our city is facing.

Q: Why should someone “cross the aisle” to cast their vote for you?
A: It is not about the letter at the end of your name. This is a crucial time to elect people who are committed to bringing the City of Warren to its fullest potential. Warren is a beautiful area to work and raise a family. I moved here 20 years ago and have chosen to raise my daughter, Olivia, in this area. I am committed to keeping the historical greatness of Warren while focusing on building a future for our children.

Q: What is the most pressing issue currently facing the City, and how do you propose to solve it?
A: I feel the most significant problem facing our city is the decline in population. We must find ways to help our businesses grow and also find ways to attract new businesses to the area. I feel this can be accomplished through networking and research. We must continue to study other areas that have gone through a transition process in order to learn how Warren can achieve the same results. We must also continue to seek out new businesses to come to our area.

Q: What does development of Washington Park look like to you?
A: Washington Park holds a lot of value to the residents here. Whether you are hiking, sitting and relaxing, or looking at the view, I do feel this area could use some modest upgrades to increase the security of the area.

Q: What budgetary solutions would you offer in order to hold the line on taxes?
A: Continuing to monitor how taxpayer dollars are being spent as well as monitoring expenses is crucial to our City.

Q: What key piece is the City missing that would allow it to attract more residents/businesses and how would you propose to find it?
A: We need to find ways to incentivize potential residents and business owners to locate to this area. I feel continued networking with cities that have gone through an expansion process is essential.

Q: Aside from withdrawing from the mutual aid agreement, what steps can the City take to help solve the EMS crisis?
A: I feel collaboration with neighboring townships is necessary to find a fair and equitable solution to the EMS crisis. The burden of funding should not fall entirely on Warren City Taxpayers.

Q: How do you plan to involve residents in the decision-making process in the City?
A: Involvement of city residents in the decision-making process is of the utmost importance. They are the reason we are here. I feel the best thing here is open communication. It is my sincere commitment to try to find a way to connect with our residents of Warren. I will ensure to have an open door policy to listen to your concerns.

Q: If elected, what steps would you take to put the City on more sound financial footing?
A: I feel continuing to seek out grants and the appropriate use of this funding is necessary in assisting the City to have a sounder financial footing.