Pictured left to right: Steve Smyth, Director of RehabWorks, David Lemay PT, Janice Lyle, Laurie MacDonald, CFO. Photo submitted.

Lemay Honored as Warren General Hospital BEE Award Recipient

August 1, 2023

WARREN, Pa. – Warren General Hospital Physical Therapist Dave Lemay was honored as the ninth annual WGH BEE Award recipient on Monday.

The BEE (Being Exceptional Everyday) award was developed to honor any hospital employee who is not a licensed nurse at Warren General Hospital. The award was created by nursing leadership to compliment the DAISY Award and honor patient care staff that continuously goes above and beyond for patients and their families every day.

Just like in nature, bees are loyal, hardworking and cannot exist without the daisy, as neither can the daisy exist without the bee. The BEE Award acknowledges the employee for going above and beyond for patients, their families, and our hospital every day.

Lemay was nominated by Janice Lyle, who was a patient in the Physical Therapy Department.

“I had a total Knee replacement in March of 2023. I went into the surgery confident that I would quickly be back in the swing of life; I was exercising, going to yoga, walking regularly, and playing pickleball,” Lyle wrote. “I was ready! However, the reality of the loss of mobility, trouble sleeping, pain, the loss of independence (no driving) and the time it takes to recover from surgery was a bit (well, very) overwhelming. After a few therapy sessions at home. I started going to Rehab Works, partly because it was so close to my home. It was a great decision! Dave Lemay, the physical therapist, has gone above and beyond expectations in helping me get back my mobility and strength.

“From the beginning, David was understanding with scheduling my visits; not too early as I’m slow getting going in the morning! He made a point to communicate with his co-workers when I didn’t see him so that my therapy was consistent. Dave was proactive in doing a progress assessment before my doctor’s visits, something I wouldn’t have known to request. His approach to my therapy was encouraging and empathetic, but also realistic, that it was me that would need to do the work. He listened to my concerns (and some occasional whining) and made suggestions and changes to the therapy to address them. He assured me that my progress and problems were part of the recovery process and that things would get better. I was reassured by his understanding and knowledge concerning realistic expectations about what I could/should be able to do and the time it might take to get there. ”

Lyle went on to praise Lemay for his care.

“I felt respected,” Lyle said. “Dave is genuinely interested in my progress, knowledgeable, and skilled in his profession. He listened to my excited tales of my most recent success stories (I did the basement steps and walked a loop at Betts!) and encourages my progress. I’m still not 100% recovered and there is still work ahead, but I can see the light up ahead. I am happy that I went to RehabWorks and have Dave as my Physical Therapist. I believe he demonstrates the core values of Warren General and deserves to be recognized for his work.”

Employees may be nominated by patients, families, and colleagues. The award recipient is chosen by a committee at Warren General Hospital to receive The BEE Award. Awards are presented throughout the year at celebrations attended by the Honoree’s colleagues, patients, and visitors.

Each Honoree receives a certificate commending her or him for Being Exceptional Every day. Honorees also receive a BEE Award pin, a generous gift card at the hospital’s Window Box gift shop, four free lunches at the cafeteria, eight hour awards day off, and a beautiful, very rare crystal called the Bumble Bee Jasper, found at Mount Papandayan in Indonesia.

“It is important our employees know their work is highly valued, and the BEE Program provides a way for us to do that,” said WGH Chief Executive Officer Rick Allen.

Chief Nursing Officer Joe Akif went on to say: “We are proud to recognize our exceptional healthcare workers. They are everyday heroes, and it’s important they know their work is highly valued. The BEE Award provides a way for us to do that.”

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