Kepple Rolls 700 in Brokenstraw Couples League

October 28, 2020

YOUNGSVILLE, Pa. – Jed Kepple saved his best for last Friday as he bowled a 256 in his third game to finish with a 702 series in Brokenstraw Couples League play at Valley Bowling Center.

(Photo courtesy Valley Bowling Center. Jed Kepple rolled a 702 series during Brokenstraw Couples League action Friday, Oct. 23, 2020.)

Kepple finished just shy of 200 in his first game, 198, then roared back for a 248 before ending on the 256 to push him over the 700 threshold.

After missing the 700 mark for just the second time this season, Matt White came back with a 757 in P2 Racing League Monday Night action. White started his series with a 269, followed by a 256 and 232 for the big series.

Results from around Valley leagues follow:

Valley Bowling Center

Brokenstraw Couples: Jed Kepple 198, 248, 256-702, Ron Jameson 225-606, Scott Gustafson 224-595

Tuesday Nite Ladies: Michelle Enos 182-519, Denice Hollingshead 163-461, Lynn Olsen 168-460

P2 Racing League Monday Night: Matt White 269, 256, 232-757, Alan Zubrod 209-601, Chad Campbell 234-587, Jonathan Stuart 217-580, Bob Buerkle 222-571, Dale Johnson 213-571, Al Kuzminski 211-567

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