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Building a Kinder Community

February 21, 2024

MARIENVILLE, Pa. – East Forest elementary students are building a kinder community one good deed at a time.

This year, each class has been responsible for one building-wide helping job. Each week a different student from each grade will complete a job or a task to help care for our school community. Some younger students are germ busters while others water the plants in the cafeteria and hallway. Some students are acting as restroom monitors and others are lunch bunch helpers.

The older students will help out PreK and kindergarten at the beginning of lunch by opening milk, packaging, or getting utensils. They may also erase black marks in the hallway and help the little ones practice lining up, walking in the hall, and behaving in the cafeteria. Sixth graders are the hall monitors and will help everyone observe safety during transition times, recess, and dismissal.

Celebrating the end of the week and cashing in their job ticket for ice cream and a treat are: (left to right in the photo above) Ryder Summers, Axel Tobolski, Avery Colvin, Jackson Sekera, and Thorn Yeany.

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