E.G. Bell

April 14, 2024

Big Shakes

George Santos, former Representative of New York’s 3rd Congressional district and head of the US Geological Service, revealed that he can accurately predict earthquakes and celestial events.

Taking Stock

I have a friend Bill whom I helped get a job. I met Bill through his wife Missy on an old BBS (Bulletin Board System) where we would sometimes chat. Eventually, we


I am proud of the things I do. I try to avoid


I have an old left-hand-thread-thramblefruzen I found in my grandparents’ basement as we were cleaning up after my grandmother passed. They were only made
March 10, 2024

The Man

‘The Man’ is an oft-used expression that, as I have always understood it, referred to the powers-that-be. Those in authority. The ones keeping you
January 14, 2024
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