White Bowls 700 at Valley

Photo courtesy Valley Bowling Center.

YOUNGSVILLE, Pa. – For the second time in three weeks, Matt White rolled a 700 series during Warren Midtown Motors League play at Valley Bowling Center.

White was consistent in his series as he opened with a 245, followed with a 220 and closed with a high-game 248 to finish with a 713.

Cole Cressley led Youngsville City League with a 639, while Renee Anthony (489) paced the Ladies Church League and Candy Vinopal (549) and Amy Willsie (508) led Youngsville Ladies.

Full results from Valley leagues follow:

Youngsville Ladies (11/4): Candy Vinopal 222-549, Maureen Glenn 177-481, Cindy Shafer 179-468, Barb Toner 165-460
Youngsville Ladies (11/11): Amy Willsie 192-508, Margie Peters 181-498

Ladies Church League (11/17): Renee Anthony 179-489, Kellie Johnson 177-471

Youngsville City League: Cole Cressley 230-639, Dale Johnson 210-597, Mitch West 235-591, Al Kuzminski 200-576, Alex Johnson 194-565

Warren Midtown Motor’s League: Matt White bowling for White’s Excavating 245-220-248-713, Cody Vincent 239-655, Mike Cameron 211-605, Blaine Gunn 230-602, Alex Johnson 207-602, Ben Mueller 227-590, Casey Vincent 212-586, Austin Fitzgerald 225-560