‘We’re Bringing Something Different’

Taco Inc. serves up authentic Mexican cuisine during 'soft opening' Sunday

Taco Inc. held a soft opening on Sunday, Feb. 13, 2022. Photo by Brian Hagberg.

WARREN, Pa. – With a promise to bring “authentic Mexican food” to Warren, Taco Inc. held a “soft opening” Sunday at its new location inside the Days Inn.

Owners Armando Saldana and Robert Escobar felt Warren was exactly the type of area they were looking for as they expanded on their other location in Punxsutawney.

“We found a location that we felt needed Mexican food, did some research, look around at the other towns or the communities and this was one of the locations we felt was most positive that (also) lacked that,” Escobar said. “We’re bringing something different.”

A look inside the new Taco Inc. restaurant. Photo by Brian Hagberg.

The site at Days Inn, in the former Tootsie’s Restaurant and Lounge, proved the ideal location.

“Speaking with Days Inn, (it’s) a great company, great corporation,” Escobar said. “The staff of Days Inn is excellent and treated us well. It wasn’t necessarily turnkey, because it had been dysfunct for so long. But it was an opportunity that had the upper hand because of the layout, some of the kitchen equipment, and then just being where the location was a plus as well.”

The soft opening meant limited hours, but as of Monday, Taco Inc. will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. with dine-in and takeout available and, according to Escobar, diners can expect a more authentic experience than at a fast food Mexican franchise.

“It’s more the authentic moderate Mexican food with our own taco recipe,” Escobar said. “Nothing in a bag, nothing that was store bought. Everything is handmade for our cooks. over 20 years of experience and the recipes that have been made throughout the years.”

The restaurant is currently working to obtain its liquer license as well and once secured, will have full bar service available to pair with its food menu.

Escobar said the restaurant is looking forward to becoming a staple in the community.

“We welcome everybody here,” Escobar said. “We’re glad to be here in the Warren community and we look forward to participating with the community.”