Welcome To Your Daily Local

September 8, 2020

On behalf of all of us here at yourdailylocal.com, welcome!

Partners Brian Hagberg, Andy Close and Chris Rossetti are excited to offer this new digital platform to serve Warren County and beyond.

You may recognize Hagberg and Close locally as the “sports guys,” but here at YDL, they will be doing so much more.

Not only will you get the great sports coverage you’re used to getting, you’re going to get more of it. News? That too.

We aim to be reader friendly, which means you will never pay to access anything on our site. In that light, we also want to hear from you. What do you like? What would you like to see more of? Have a story tip or idea? Send it our way. Essentially, we are here for you.

We seek to report about what you care about most. Period.

Not only will you see the work of Hagberg, Close and Rossetti, you’ll also see bylines from some familiar local media faces, including Cody Elms, Stacey Gross and Jon Sitler, among others.

Also, be sure to check at our sister site, d9and10sports.com.

We’re excited to serve you!






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