WCYBSA: Cornerstone Tops Calvert Pearson; Pine Grove Auto Edges Hillview Towing in Girls’ Training

June 9, 2024

WARREN, Pa. – Cornerstone topped Calvert Pearson, 13-10, in a girls’ training league game Thursday evening.

Cornerstone players Gwenivere Wallin and Madalyn Franklin stood out for their fantastic hitting and Sofia Knappenberger shinned for her defensive plays.

Calvert Pearson player Daisy Mead used her quick thinking to make an out at home While Amiah Smith and Skylie Fiscus dominated while batting making it to base every time.


Pine Grove Auto Sales beat Hillview Towing, 9-7.

Grace Jespersen and Aalilyah Foley both had great at bats for Hillview Towing while Scarlett Entwisle hustled so much paving the way offensively for Pine Grove Auto Sales.

It was the defense that won the game, with Addelynn Geisler, Elodie Criswell, Lacy Falconer (2) and Lauren Young all making tremendous outs for Pine Grove Auto Sales.

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