WCSD Snow Days, 2-Hour Delays Apply to Virtual Students Too

WARREN, Pa. – If the winter weather that Warren County is experiencing Wednesday, Dec. 16, requires the Warren County School District to delay or cancel classes Thursday, Dec. 17, the delay or cancelation will also affect the students who are doing online learning.

“It will be business as usual,” Gary Weber, Director of Administrative Support Services for the school district told yourdailylocal.com. “If kids are on remote learning and there is a two-hour delay, those kids will also be on a two-hour delay. If school is canceled, then it is canceled for the remote-learning students as well.”

The reason why students on remote learning will have a delay or have school canceled is because the school district is still bringing students into its buildings, including students at the Warren County Career Center, students who don’t have internet service at home, and special-education students, according to Weber.

“We have a number of kids coming into the learning lab, the Career Center, and special education students,” Weber said. “We can’t have them on a different schedule than the remote-learning students. If we run (the remote-learning students) starting at 8 a.m., those kids (who are coming into the building) will miss classes. If I have to keep kids from being transported to the school, it will be canceled for everybody.”

The district made an announcement regarding delays and cancellations on its Facebook page as well.