An example of E Glass. Photo courtesy Pickerington School District.

WCSD Introducing eGlass Into Classrooms

September 2, 2022

Educators are always looking for ways to enhance student learning.

One way the Warren County School District is doing that this year is through the use of eGlass, an illuminated, transparent lightboard with a built-in camera.

Quite simply, the camera captures the teacher’s face and writing in the same picture, boosting student engagement to unprecedented levels.

“It’s so cool,” said Warren County School District Director of Curriculum Instruction & Assessment. “I saw this last year for the first time. It looks like the teacher is writing on the computer screen and it shows up on the board.”

What this does is it allows teachers to not turn their backs to write.

“In the classroom, the teacher can be facing the students writing on the glass and the information gets transferred onto the clear touch board.’

The eGlass products can be found in various grades 6-12 mathematics and science classrooms across the district

A link to view the eGlass can be found here.

Mineweaser noted that his job requires him to look into the future.

“Throughout the school year and into the summer months, we try and plan six months ahead,” Mineweaser said. “I’m already looking to the future. What I try and do is to give an informational report to the board with new, upcoming projects and updates.”

(Editor’s Note: This will be the first of several stories highlighting new projects going on in the Warren County School District this year.)

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