WCSD Has Handled COVID-19 Well; Superintendent Stewart Emphasizes Being Responsible As Thanksgiving Nears

November 17, 2020

The Warren County School District gets an A-plus for their handling of COVID-19. 

But, as Superintendent Amy Stewart said, they will need to continue to be vigilant to maintain in-person classes, something the district intends on doing at this juncture. 

“We’ve been following our health and safety plan,” Stewart said. “The structure we’re providing is what is necessary. We keep our distance, wear masks, wash our hands, we’re doing all of that in the schools.”

It’s for those reasons the WCSD has had success, and why 80 percent of its student population is in the classroom. 

“We anticipated that number would be lower at first, which it was,” Stewart said. “Once parents were able to see how things were going, we anticipated more would come (to in-person) and they have.”

It’s been a learning process for all involved, teachers, students, parents and administrators. 

So, while it’s impossible to be perfect, the lessons learned by all involved are another reason why, despite rising numbers in cases, that it’s working within the WCSD. 

“We’ve been doing our homework, studying trends from other countries and seeing what’s ahead of us,” noted Stewart. “We learned a lot about COVID up close and personal and how it’s present here in our area. We’ve listened to the science and medical personnel, not the media.”

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and while it’s an exciting time, a time most people are used to spending with family and friends, Stewart once everyone to exercise caution.

She did emphasize, however, that she is not telling people how to spend their holiday. 

“We know that Thanksgiving will be tough,” Stewart said. “College kids are home, people will travel to highly infected areas, and so on. We just encourage people, when you’re in doubt, if you’re not sure, stay home. That will slow things down.

“I’m not here to tell anyone how to spend Thanksgiving. But if they are in a situation that they could have been exposed, then stay home for a little while, live stream classes, and once you’re okay, come back. We’re emphasizing doing the right and responsible thing.”

The plan is for in-person classes to continue and to not go all virtual like some other school districts have. 

Stewart has been vigilant in putting out videos to the WCSD Facebook Page to keep everyone informed, and says she will probably do so every day this week. 

“As long as we keep doing what we’re doing, quarantining the right people, we believe we’ll be able to keep going,” she said. “Everyone has to do their part.”

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