WCCD to Host Hatch Run Self-Guided Summer Activities

Throughout the summer the Warren County Conservation District (WCCD) will be offering a number of self-guided activities.

(Young Rose Marie Raines enjoys the WCCD storybook walk.)

Starting in May, there will be a different self-guided activity each month (there will be two activities in May) to complete at the Hatch Run Demonstration Area Trails.

May – The Storybook Walk on the Simmons Run Trail lets you enjoy a story while you hike. Look for the posts on both sides of the trail that have the books pages on them. Kids can read one page of the story at each post as they walk along the trail. At the end of the book, there will be a surprise. 

May- The Trivia Quest will be set up on the left-hand side of Gardner Road (the road from the parking lot into the property) Look for the candy cane striped tubes. Continue up the road for the answer to the first clue and the next question. Keep going until you have reached the end of the line where you will find the cache box at tube #11. Please take one prize and fill out the short survey.  

June- Wildlife Track Detectives, where you can put your detective skills to work on the Hatch Run Loop trail.  You can pick up a track guide from the kiosk at the property.  Watch for the tracks placed on the ground and use your guide to see which animal tracks you have found. 

July – A Creature Walk will be set up along the Hemlock Ridge trail. Pictures and facts about each creature will be posted along the trail. See if you can find all 20 of them. 

Go to: www.wcconservation.net to keep up to date on activities. If you have any questions call 814-726-1441.