WCCBI Releases Statement To Warren County Residents on COVID-19

December 8, 2020

The Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry released a statement regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on Monday.

The statement reads as follows:

We have been blessed over the past several months with an apparent general immunity to the COVID-19 Virus. While our local economy suffered through global closures and
operational restrictions our health generally was minimally impacted. The facts regarding the Virus spread indicate that this is NO LONGER THE CASE!

COVID-19 IS HERE and regardless of your political ideologies, it requires each and every one of us to do our part to protect one another.

FACTS as of December 7:
– Warren County has recorded over 400 confirmed cases of COVID-19

– 3 Warren County families have lost a loved one to COVID-19 over the past several

– Warren General Hospital has opened a COVID-19 inpatient ward and it is filling up

– All regional hospitals are in similar situation regarding available admittance capacities.

– Only the most severe cases are being accepted for transfer to the Erie facilities (St.
Vincent and Hamot). Transfer times are long, often taking up to 24 hours to complete.

– We must ALL follow the CDC guidelines for MASKS, HAND-WASHING and SOCIAL

– We must ALL avoid all gatherings outside our immediate household to the maximum
extent possible. This is especially important IF there are “at risk” individuals
attending. “At risk” defined by age (65 and over), prior and current poor health
condition. All deaths to date in Warren County have comorbidity (existing poor health
conditions exasperated by the Virus).

None of us want this to be how we spend our lives……but it is the reality we face. None of us want this Virus to rule our lives…..but it does. We all want life to go back to “normal”……and it will.

– Doses of the vaccine are expected to be received at Warren General Hospital the week
of December 14. This initial inventory will be dedicated solely to front-line care givers
and medical staff. The vaccine is a 2-stage dosage with the second injection required
20+ days following the initial dosing. Thus, the vaccine will not be effective in these
individuals until after the second dose is received which will be mid-January.

– Reports indicate the broader (community wide) availability of the vaccines is expected
in the April timeframe with dosing prioritized to the most vulnerable to infection
among us based upon direct potential exposure to infected individuals, age and preexisting medical conditions.

We encourage everyone to get vaccinated AS SOON AS AVAILABLE. Until then we must
continue to be personally diligent in protecting ourselves, our families and our neighbors by our personal actions…….mask, wash and distance.

As we go through the frustrating and challenging times please remember how devastating this situation is on our local small businesses and do what you can to continue to support them…..gift certificates, take-out meals…..a “thank you” for being here! These businesses continue to be hit hard by mandated closures, operational restrictions and customers who are doing what they are being asked to do…..stay away from crowds.

Finally, keep our healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, cleaning and support staff in our
thoughts and prayers. Any acts of kindness or generosity you can make for these dedicated individuals would be welcomed……food deliveries, gift cards, thank you notes or the like. If you have or want to send a “thank you note” or want to make a donation of food or the like to the WGH front line workers please contact me at [email protected] and proper arrangements will be made.

THANK YOU Warren Countians for stepping up and meeting this challenge head-on and

Jim Decker
President / CEO

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