Warren Public Library Announces Spider Egg Hunt Winners


WARREN, Pa. – Anyone who has ever planned an outdoor event knows that we are at the mercy of the weather and sometimes you need to come up with a plan B and even a plan C.

The Warren Public Library had an outdoor Spider Egg Hunt program planned for Oct. 9 that had to be moved to Oct. 16 due to rain. As luck would have it, it rained again on Oct. 16, so the library came up with an altered version of our Spider Egg Hunt program where participants had to pull their eggs out of a treasure box.

Cami Radford with cousin Marshall. Photo courtesy Warren Public Library

All of the eggs held some type of tidbit, but some of the eggs held prize tickets. Cami Radford found the egg with the golden ticket. Her prize basket was so heavy her cousin Marshall had to help her carry it. Patrick Ferrie found the egg with the orange ticket and he managed to carry his prize basket by himself.

Patrick Ferrie. Photo courtesy Warren Public Library.

All participants went home with goody bags, activity sheets and their spider eggs. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all of the participants and patient parents who went along with the reschedules and altered version of the program.