Veterans gathered on Friday at the Warren County Career Center before their honor flight.

Warren County Veterans Recognized, Head to D.C. on Honor Flight

October 15, 2023

WARREN, Pa. – Honor, service and sacrifice.

Those were the themes at Friday’s Warren chapter of the Buffalo Niagara Honor Flight reception held Friday at the Warren County Career Center, as Joseph “Bob” Carrington, Blaine Edmiston, Thomas Dunfee and Walter Boll were honored before their flight.

The honor flight is a volunteer organization that takes World War II, Korean and Vietnam Veterans on an all expenses paid trip to Washington D.C. to view monuments erected in their honor.

Walter Boll, one of four Warren County veterans that were chosen for the Buffalo Niagara Honor Flight to Washington D.C.

“As I put my uniform on today, I wanted to represent so many like me,” said First Sergeant Jeremy Young, who served as the guest speaker for the event. Young did tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of a decorated military career. “Veterans, the good guys. I tell you, I’ve been around long enough combat time to tell you that America is good guys. I’ve seen greatness by people you would never even imagine.”

The Buffalo Niagara Honor Flight serves seven counties in Western New York as well as Warren, Potter, McKean and Erie Counties in Pennsylvania and also the southern part of Ontario.

Young served as in route clearance, identifying IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices) in Iraq, where he helped discover over 100 roadside bombs.

“I did almost two years in Iraq,” Young said. “I got pretty obsessed with it. And what I mean by that is we saved a lot of lives. We were the first route clearance team in Iraq. Roadside bombs were what were taking out most of our soldiers. We did not give up.”

He talked about the importance of veterans being welcomed home.

“I didn’t want to go home, I wanted to stay with my guys and keep fighting,” Young said. “When you come home, I think it’s something everyone goes through. You can’t just pick a community and hang out with veterans only. Not everyone has served the way you have, and that’s just the way it is. For me, it was a challenge, especially after being gone for that length of time. You can get tunnel vision.

“I dealt with a lot of soldiers that were fired and let go from there jobs. “Many when they get out, have serious physiological issues, and we have to be there to help. I can’t stand it when someone says veterans are damaged goods or they have PTSD or mental issues. I have watched Americans do amazing things.”

Elementary school students made cards thanking the veterans for their service, and a group of students came in to sing, Career Center students made cookies and the schools participated in a sendoff.

It was just one way for Misty Weber, who helps run the Warren chapter of the honor flight, and others, to honor the group before their flight.

“I’m proud of your service, that’s why I got in this uniform,” Young said. “That brotherhood is there. Thank you for your service and thank you for all that you have done.”


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