Warren City Council Adopts 2022 Municipal Budget


WARREN, Pa. – The Warren City Council adopted its 2022 municipal budget at Monday’s meeting.

The earned income tax and real estate tax will remain the same with no increase.

The budget accounts for the following: $9,613,172 in the general fund, which consists of the following: Finance and Administrative Services ($1,964,187), Police Department ($1,941,531), Fire Department ($2,942,613), Department of Public Works ($2,464,950), Community and Economic Development ($116,937), Codes Department ($182,954); Community Improvement Program Fund (CIP) in the amount of $4,389,000; SewerFund in the amount of $2,605,287; and Parking Fund in the amount of $391,484.

In addition, the city approved an additional $20,000 to be added to the contingency fund that will go to the police department in order for them to upgrade the fencing around its impound lot. This is necessary in order for the department to keep its accreditation.

The department will also explore installing security cameras at the lot if they can find a reliable source of wi-fi, according to Police Chief Joe Sproveri.

“The cameras aren’t a deal-breaker,” Sproveri said regarding the accreditation. “We can justify that it’s still secured.”

Council also heard the recommendation for improvements in the amount of $76,000 for a disc course at Mulberry Park, as well as installation of pickleball courts at Betts Park and improvements to the softball fields at Betts Park.

The projects were not approved in the adopted budget.

“I believe that each of these projects should be considered separately,” said Councilman John Wortman.

Added Mayor Maurice Cashman: “These recreation projects, it’s frills that we’re adding. It’s time to take a much more serious look at the frills. We want to hold the taxes where they are. We have coming down the road the riverfront development. I’m uncertain where we want to go with all this, but at some juncture, we have to stop and see if this is affordable or not. We have to draw the line somewhere. It’s not something that needs to be done today.”