Valley Introduces ‘Varsity Teams’ for High School Leagues

November 11, 2020

YOUNGSVILLE, Pa. – In order for high school athletes to earn a varsity letter, they must meet certain parameters, such as reaching a specific number of varsity quarters played in a season. Finding some unit that’s fair, and achievable, for bowling is a little tricky.

(Photos courtesy Valley Bowling Center.)

This season, Valley Bowling Center has introduced the concept of weekly “varsity teams” based on series handicap as a way to help high school league bowlers earn a letter. The top four handicap series’ for boys and girls qualify for the varsity team that week.

“After they have all bowled for the week, we compile the scores and the top four boys and top four girls handicap series make the varsity team for the week,” Valley Bowling Center’s Kellie Johnson said. “To qualify for a varsity letter at the end of the season, they must make the varsity team at least four times.”

High school bowlers in the Saturday Strikers, Youngsville Middle/High School and Warren High School Leagues are eligible for the varsity teams. The teams are released every Monday.

Varsity teams for the week of Nov. 3 – 9 are below:


Lauren Walker, Warren Area High School – 644

Maygan Stoddard, Youngsville High School – 643

Corinthia Edwards, Youngsville High School – 640

Halee Mineweaser, Warren Area High School – 638

Sydney Rex, Warren Area High School – 638


Aidan Morningstar, Youngsville High School – 688

Alex Zariczny, Warren Area High School – 664

Kody Vega, Warren Area High School – 655

Tommy Jukes, Youngsville High School – 648

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