Valley Holds 9-Pin Tournament

January 21, 2021

YOUNGSVILLE, Pa. – Matt White and Alex Johnson tossed “natural” perfect games during an 8-game, 9-pin no-tap tournament at Valley Bowling Center Saturday.

In this format, nine pins count as a strike, but both White and Johnson had perfect games with “natural” 10-pin strikes.

“This tournament requires mental focus and stamina right to the very end,” Valley’s Kellie Johnson said.

Casey Vincent, Cody Vincent, Jakobe Anthony, Rob Buerkle and Kevin Burton, along with White and Johnson, threw 9-pin no tap perfect games.

P2 Racing sponsored the event.

Full tournament results follow:

9 pin No Tap 300 games were thrown by: Matt White; Cody Vincent; Casey Vincent; Jakobe Anthony; Alex Johnson; Rob Buerkle; Kevin Burton

Final standings were as follows: Top Average Bracket – Matt White 2287; Alex Johnson 2177; Cody Vincent 2080; Casey Vincent 2061; Bill Ward 2037; Mike Cressley 2036; Ben Mueller 2025; Rob Buerkle 1981; CJ Jones 1929; Bob Buerkle 1903; Jon Stuart 1898; Kevin Burton 1877; Rob Stockton 1842; Austin Fitzgerald 173

Bottom Average Bracket – Renee Anthony 2082; Joe Yeagle 2073; Lou Campbell 2024; Tanner Humphrey 1977; John Redfield 1972; Ben Black 1948; Kellie Johnson 1907; Jacob Sperry 1874; Jim Farnsworth 1817; Braydon Abplanalp 1816; Chase Cumberland 1798; Shelby Stuart 1715; Justin Wilkinson 1672; Jakobe Anthony 1549

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