Trestle-to-Trestle Task Force in Full Swing


The Trestle-to-Trestle Task Force is aimed at focusing on development in the City of Warren, between the two railroad trestles to the west and east.

Just over 25 people are on the Task Force as of March 2021. There was no selection process for the members of the Task Force. Anyone interested in being involved was and continues, to be welcome. For more information on the Task Force or for interest in joining the effort, please contact Jim Decker, CEO/President of WCCBI, at 814-723-3050.

Broken into three committees, recreation, retail, and lodging. One meeting of each of the committees and two meetings of the Task Force have taken place. The initial committee meetings were a combination of discussion of the mission and expectations of the individual committees. A general brainstorming of the numerous developments desired for the community, at large, was also discussed.

Meetings will now begin to focus more directly on the specific topic area and begin to first prioritize the elements felt needed in that area. We will then begin to vet locations, ownership structures, financing, etc.

Overall Task Force meetings will provide each committee the opportunity to present their work monthly to gain broader insights, ideas, and discussion as to how initiatives of each committee interact or conflict with one another.

The Task Force has no defined timeline. We will continue the effort for as long as there is interest and need. The desired outcome of this effort is to develop projects in each of the defined areas that enhance the overall viability and desirability of the City of Warren for residents and visitors alike. Projects will be vetted in terms of desirability, sustainability, and financial viability.